Credit for new kitchen.

It is the heart of many apartments and houses – the kitchen. It has long ceased to serve as a place where food is arranged and the dishes are done. Rather, the kitchen is a meeting point for the whole family, a communication center and the center of family togetherness. No wonder that many people attach great importance to proper kitchen equipment. Because the furnishings must not only be practical and functional. It should also be cozy and of high quality so that it can fully meet all requirements.

Of course, the kitchen builders know the importance of a kitchen and offer it in a wide variety of designs. From the standardized kitchenette to the custom-made kitchen, everything is offered, delivered and, if requested, also assembled.

The expenses incurred for such a kitchen quickly add up to several thousand USD. A purchase price that many consumers have not saved and therefore have to resort to a loan for a new kitchen.

The right financing for the right kitchen

The right financing for the right kitchen

Anyone looking for a loan for a new kitchen and paying attention to constant small installments and fair interest rates can choose from two different financing options. You can choose between the loan for the new kitchen, which is offered directly by the dealer, or the classic installment loan from an independent bank.

Both types of loan have fixed installment payments on fair terms. Many prospective creditors therefore think that it doesn’t really matter where the loan for the new kitchen is taken out. Finally, both variants offer the payment in installments that is desired. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Because while the credit for the new kitchen from the retailer consists of only one offer, which is not variable and must be used as it is offered, with a loan from an independent bank you can decide where and for which Conditions of the loan for the new kitchen is completed. And what does this mean in detail?

The loan through the dealer

The loan through the dealer

The dealer also works with a bank when he offers his customers a loan for the new kitchen. He therefore does not provide the loan himself, but merely acts as an intermediary.

The advantages of the credit from the retailer are mainly that you save yourself the trip to the bank and that you don’t have to compare different offers. The dealer presents the loan immediately after announcing the cost of the kitchen and you can immediately decide whether the loan should be taken out or not.

If you agree to the offer, the loan is closed within a few minutes and the kitchen can be ordered. With a loan from an independent bank, this looks a little different.

The installment loan from an independent bank

The installment loan from an independent bank

It is often the better conditions that speak for an installment loan from an independent bank. Even if a comparison is carried out and the bank has to be contacted personally. In any case, the effort should be put into practice, since in the end there can be significant savings on the offer of the kitchen house. And for two reasons.

The comparison, which can be carried out conveniently on the Internet using a loan calculator, makes it possible to find the cheapest offer for kitchen finance. Because just because a loan has to be taken out does not automatically mean that this has to be done at a local bank. All imaginable banks bustle on the Internet and offer their loans to all interested parties. The taking out of the loan works automatically via the Internet, so that the bank is contacted but does not have to be visited.

After completing the documents and signing the loan agreement, everything is sent to the bank that offers the cheap installment loan. This examines the application and approves the loan with a good credit rating. The money from the loan is then transferred to the borrower’s account and is available within a few days. The kitchen can then be paid for in cash. Which is another big advantage over dealer financing.

Because if you can pay for your kitchen in cash, you usually get the so-called cash payer discount. Depending on the acquisition cost for the kitchen, this amounts to up to several hundred USD and would not be possible under any circumstances if it were financed through the kitchen house. This saving can then be used, for example, to purchase additional kitchen appliances or to simply enjoy a delicious meal with the whole family in the new kitchen.

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